Molly Thompson in a black shirt

Molly Thompson

City Editor

Molly is based in Lexington, KY and has worked for a variety of entities including JMI Sports, the Harrodsburg Herald, and the Sports Business Daily. When she’s not writing + editing for LEXtoday, you can find her teaching or practicing yoga or exploring the city with her husband and dog Ziggy.

Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor.
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We’re highlighting the 17 best parks that Lexington, KY has to offer — complete with splash pads, playgrounds, walking trails, and even a few dog-friendly spots.
Here’s who, when, where’ they’ll play in the NCAA basketball tournament.
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Hear from Coach Sam Stockley + defender Diallo Irakoze on their excitement for the upcoming season.
Read about the draft proposal for regulations + zoning amendments to local short-term rentals.
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