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Meet Fayette Alliance: Educating Lexington for a sustainable future

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Learn how to advocate for a sustainable future for Lexington-Fayette County. | Photo provided by Silvestri Real Estate

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We’re growing, Lexington. According to the latest census data, Lexington-Fayette County’s population is more than 320,000 — a 9% increase compared to 2010. Enter: Fayette Alliance, a local non-profit organization dedicated to making sure our area’s growth is equitable and sustainable.

Fayette Alliance advocates for sustainable land-use policies at the local government level. Did you know? The City of Lexington is currently working on Imagine Lexington 2045, a comprehensive plan that will pave the way for Lexington’s growth for the next 20+ years. Fayette Alliance is monitoring the development of this plan while providing education at the community level so residents can understand the importance of this process and how they can become involved.

There are currently two programs designed to educate Lexingtonians on sustainable growth practices:


The Grow Smart Academy has been educating participants on sustainability for 12 years. | Photo provided by Fayette Alliance

The Grow Smart Academy

Grow Smart Academy is a free, four-week program centered around educating participants on land-use planning. Grow Smart Academy students will learn about how these policies affect the environment, local economic development, and their overall quality of life.

The group will meet Tuesday evenings July 12-Aug. 2 from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at various locations around Lexington. The program will feature national and local experts speaking on topics like affordable housing, smart growth, sustainability, transportation, the importance of agriculture to our economy, and more. Registration is currently open.

Smart Growth Ambassador Program

The Smart Growth Ambassador program is designed to teach and empower participants to advocate for sustainable and equitable growth. This is a way for those who are already knowledgeable and passionate about smart growth to learn how to properly promote that in their local government, neighborhood, and beyond.

The next orientation is scheduled for September with the exact date to be announced. The orientation will be divided into two parts, and afterward, participants will create their own action plans to continue advocacy. There are many ways to be an ambassador. The program also includes optional educational and volunteer outings and social events throughout the year. Those interested can let Fayette Alliance know and they’ll be added to the Ambassador list, which will update them via email about upcoming events.

Learn more about Fayette Alliance and other ways to get involved.*


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