How to spring into fitness at Lexington’s local LiveWELL Training Club

Semi-private training supports individualized workouts and fosters a fitness-focused community. | Photo provided by RAPT

Spring is the season of new beginnings. And downtown Lexington’s newly rebranded personal training studio, LiveWELL Training Club (333 E. Main St., Unit 185), recently went through its own refresh to better help locals reinvigorate (or start) their health journeys. 

Ann-Phillips Mayfield and her husband, Jay Ingle, (both Lexington citizens for 20+ years) took over the local family-owned gym back in January, along with their business partner Keaton Jones. After having been a training client for the past few years, the ownership opportunity presented itself and the timing was right

Jay Ingle and Ann-Phillips Mayfield are two of the co-owners of LiveWELL. | Photo provided by RAPT

The team plans to continue to provide personal + customized training to current members who have helped make the gym successful as well as welcome new members to the LiveWELL family.  

Whether a seasoned athlete or someone stepping into a fitness program for the first time, the most important thing is having a place to feel safe, welcomed, and encouraged on their health and fitness journey. Ann-Phillips, Jay, and Keaton are all goal-oriented, people-focused individuals who are excited about growing the gym. 

How training works:

Unlike typical big-box gyms, LiveWELL offers members custom semi-private training tailored to an individual’s goals + needs. Read: Whether you want to improve your flexibility or are an athlete looking to hone your skills, LiveWELL has a plan. 

So, what does semi-private training actually look like? Sessions are limited to four people, and trainers provide personal instruction for each individual. Functional-based movement is the foundation of LiveWELL’s programming, designed to improve stability, mobility, core, balance, strength, endurance, speed, and power.

LiveWELL recommends starting with at least one-two sessions per week. The trainers schedule an initial StartWELL Session with each new client to get a baseline for where people are, look for any imbalances, evaluate any injuries and build a program from there.

Next Up! is a new program dedicated to training student athletes to perform in their specific sports. | Photo provided by RAPT

Interested in learning more about the facility? LiveWELL is hosting its Spring into Fitness Open House on Tues., May 24 from 6-8 p.m. The community is invited to explore the space, meet the trainers + learn more about membership.

LiveWELL’s custom workouts balance the optimal combination of strength-building and fat-burning while keeping the risk of injury low. | Photo provided by RAPT

Meet the trainers

Keaton Jones

Keaton is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). | Photo provided by RAPT
  • Years of experience: 3+ years
  • Specialty: Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • Favorite thing about the Lexington fitness community: The diversity of talents, styles, and approaches to the realm of fitness.

Russ Descognets

Russ is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). | Photo provided by RAPT
  • Years of experience: 9+ years
  • Specialty: The Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer (CI-CPT), FMS Certified, Level 1 and Level 2 (Functional Movement Systems), TRX Suspension Trainer Qualified
  • Favorite thing about the Lexington fitness community: There are lots of people yet to enter the fitness community. 

Ann-Phillips Mayfield

Ann-Phillips is one of LiveWELL’s owners. | Photo provided by RAPT
  • Specialty: Currently pursuing a personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Favorite thing about the Lexington fitness community: The spirit of support that has  grown in recent years and the wide variety of offerings in classes and training available to people.


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