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This gift is paws-itively perfect for your pup 🐕

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2 dogs swimming

Aquatic therapy can help minimize pain while improving your dog’s strength, muscular endurance, agility, psychological well-being, and more.

Photo by Mark Baer of MLBaer Photography

It’s a canine Christmas chorus full of joyful yips, yaps, and barks as dogs + their human companions visit Yappy PlaceLexington’s new, innovative canine wellness venue.

Yappy Place features 4,300 sqft of climate-controlled space with aquatic treadmills, a canine-only pool, and an area outfitted with dog-friendly exercise and play equipment. Schedule a session and gift your pup with valuable indoor physical + mental stimulation.

Your dog will be singing the howl-le-lu-ia chorus. 🐶 Treat your pup.*

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