Exploring UK’s campus during summer

A popular photo-op destination on UK's campus. | Photo by The LEXtoday

Has anyone else noticed it’s been a little quieter around town? The school year is over for UK — which means there are ~20,000 fewer students hanging around town

And while the Wildcats are away, Lexingtonians will come out to play. We plan on taking advantage of smaller campus crowds + trying out a few spots in a part of town we don’t normally frequent. 

Let’s take a look at how we can explore UK’s campus during the off-season


Fuel up at Old School Coffee, normally a popular study spot for students, before heading towards campus to snag a photo with Bowman — the famous Wildcat sculpture. Head straight past Bowman, through a quiet campus, to enjoy a morning walk — stopping to admire the campus’ architecture + history

Pro tip: The tree-lined walking path behind Bowman will lead you straight to the iconic Memorial Hall.


After you’re done exploring campus, it’s time to grub up. Head to the corner of Avenue of Champions + Limestone for some of the best local options. girlsgirlsgirls Burritos is one of our favorites. Think of it as Chipotle, but local — it’s independently owned and operated. Snag a post-lunch snack from Bubble Tea Studio before doing a bit of shopping.


CD Central is going to be your go-to spot for vinyl records + media. sQecial Media, right next door, is an independently-owned book store and gift shop


One block over is Ethereal Brewing at Cornerstone. Yup, the same brewery that’s slinging beers in the Distillery District. This is its third + newest location. Our go-to Ethereal brew is the Wanderland IPA. Feeling playful? Tilty Bob’s is a new arcade bar + restaurant that just recently opened + features both pinball and classic arcade games

School is out for summer and you don’t have to be a student to enjoy the best of what campus has to offer.