Meet Lexington’s Feathered Friends

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Blue-winged Warblers are known for their two-note buzzy song. | Photo by @bestlife_birding

Whether you’re a “wake up to the sound of birds” type, or a “please be quiet I’m trying to sleep” type, we’re all getting a new soundtrack to our Lexington mornings.

Here’s the pitch: Imagine getting out of bed in the morning, sitting out on the patio, or going for a hike. Instead of just a bunch of noise, you hear the songs of warblers and vireos. You could even learn their colors, habits, and favorite foods. The upshot: You should really get into birdwatching.

You could wing it, or…

A little bit of preparation goes a long way — i.e., you don’t need to drop your tax return on binos (although it couldn’t hurt to look).

What might help:

  • A field guide. Instead of trying to name them all on your own, bring a physical guide like The Birds of Kentucky Guide or an app like Merlin. If you bring your favorite local newsletter, too, we wouldn’t hate it.
  • Spots. No backyard, no problem. Head to the Lexington Cemetery at 833 W. Main St. to spot a pine siskin or crossbill. Or, hit up Hisle Farm Park at 3551 Briar Hill Rd., for a variety of grassland sparrows + bobolinks.
  • Bird food. A backyard or window feeder brings the birds to you. Try Wild Birds Unlimited at 152 N. Locust Hill Dr.

Meet the stars of the show

An owl sits in a tree trunk outside.

A baby Great Horned Owl sits proudly. | Photo by Brad Biliter

📍Throughout North America | 🗓️ All seasons | Song

Yellow birds sits on tree branch.

A blue winged Kentucky Warbler sits peacefully in Bowen, Kentucky. | Photo by @bestlife_birding

📍Brushy hillsides | 🗓️ Spring | Song


A bright red American Cardinal typically sings in clear down-slurred or two-parted whistles. | Photo by @fclementsjrphotography

📍Suburban gardens | 🗓️ Winter | Song

White an blue bird sitting on a branch looking to the left

A tufted titmouse sits on a dogwood tree. | Photo by @fclementsjrphotography

📍Woodlands | 🗓️ All seasons | Song

Big heron flies in the sky

A Great Blue Heron soars over the Bluegrass. | Photo by Amy Wallot

📍Marshes, swamps, shores | 🗓️ Summer | Song

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