Learn about the changes coming to UK’s historic venue.
You don’t need to travel to the National Mall to take in some of the most historical sites in the US.
Bearcat Nation stand up.
We’re taking a look at the life + legacy of civil rights leader Julia Etta Lewis and how she is remembered locally today.
Learn about the historic downtown Lexington Laundry Company’s building’s survival + revival into a thriving arts center.
A new film is being released about a story so strange, some might mistake it for folklore
One of Lexington’s most iconic farms has been purchased by Keeneland.
The Bluegrass is world-famous for many things, but should it be known for its paranormal activitiy?
Did you know Transylvania University has a tomb? We’re sharing the story of eccentric botanist Constantine Rafinesque, who is buried on the campus he cursed.
We sat down to chat with VisitLex, the convention and visitors bureau of Lexington, to learn more about their plans for Lexington’s growing tourism industry.
At one point in its history, Kentucky’s Red River Gorge was almost intentionally flooded.
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