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3 ways to invest in our community

Here are WealthSouth’s top recommendations on how we can improve our community now and in the future.

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How would you invest in our community, Lexington?

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Maintaining the unique character of the Bluegrass — as crooner Michael Bolton sang — takes time, love, and tenderness. Strategic thought and community investments nurture the place we call home.

Local team members from WealthSouth, who know a thing or two about investing, recently shared their ideas on planning for our region’s future with us. (They’re more than qualified, as WealthSouth has served Central Kentucky with comprehensive financial solutions for 100+ years.)

Here’s what they had to say:

🌻 Lexington’s agricultural community

“My family loves to spend Saturday mornings downtown at the Lexington Farmers Market shopping for produce and a fresh bouquet of flowers,” Laura Jones, Senior Trust Officer, says. “While I have my dad, a lifelong farmer, to remind me how to properly plant my tomatoes, expanded education programs can help a broader population learn the valuable skills needed to raise and enjoy the delicious fruits of their labor.”

a man and a girl planting seeds in a field

Laura Jones’ father teaches his granddaughter the art of planting.

Photo by Laura Jones

“I’d love to see further expansion of farmers markets across our neighborhoods. We can preserve the legacy of agriculture so central to our history while also increasing our focus on sustainability.”

🤝 Diversifying business ownership

“Enhanced opportunities for minority-owned business owners + entrepreneurs throughout the region would benefit our future,” Bud Watson, Senior Wealth Management Advisor, says. “This would foster a better sense of community and help create financial stability for families who may otherwise be underserved.”

“Several local groups, such as Commerce Lexington, have initiatives dedicated to this mission, and I would encourage everyone to support those and pitch in where you can.”

🏡 Expanding affordable housing options

“The best investment we can make to maintain a diverse cultural representation (and diverse workforce) is by providing affordable housing,” Jeff Zinger, Commercial Lending Manager, says. “Without affordable housing, residents will be forced to move out of our region, or in many cases, never consider moving here.”

“There are many examples of this already taking place including the Transylvania Affordable Housing Project at the old Marquard Field and the many affordable housing projects/programs led by the Urban League of Lexington-Fayette County.”

Learn more about how WealthSouth is committed to helping Lexingtonians invest in their future below.

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