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Answered: Remote working trends in Lexington

Molly and Aayat sitting at a Kenwick Table on their laptops.

We love the community vibe and strong WiFi at Kenwick Table. | Photo by @femibranded

A couple of weeks ago, we polled you, our readers, to learn a little bit more about your work preferences.

Based on 142 responses, here are the results:

  • 69 of you work remotely
  • 43 of you operate on a hybrid schedule, splitting your time between the office and remote
  • 17 of you are retired/other work
  • 13 of you work in an office/on-site

Let’s dig a little deeper and break down how y’all feel about your work conditions:

  • 93% of our remote work readers do so at home
  • 42% of our remote work readers said that sometimes they miss the camaraderie of an office
  • 38% of our remote work readers said they get more accomplished by not being in an office
  • 17% of our remote work readers said they miss human interaction

Here’s a few places you all suggested for a remote work day:

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