Celebrate Park(ing) Day with these parking pro tips


Citizens get to enjoy an extra bit of added green space on Park(ing) Day. | Photo by LEXPARK

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Tomorrow, Fri., Sept. 16 from 12-6 p.m., LEXPARK, Lexington and Fayette County Parking Authority, is celebrating Park(ing) Day — a global participatory project where artists + organizations reimagine parking spaces as mini-parks, art exhibits, and areas for social interaction.

The goal is to advocate for safer, greener + more equitable streets for citizens. Plus, it’s pretty fun to just hang out in DIY pop-up green spaces.

For the event, parking spaces along Short Street, near Tandy Park, will be blocked off throughout the day. Parking will still be available at some metered spots and all parking garages.


You might want to head downtown to get out of the home office for Park(ing) Day. | Photo by LEXPARK

Additionally, to celebrate this pop-up park(ing) party, we’re dishing out the details on the best pro tips for parking downtown. Remember these for UK games, concerts + busy downtown weekends.

Pro tip No. 1

You can reserve a parking spot in a garage before heading downtown. This will guarantee you a space even when the city is hosting multiple large events.

Pro tip No. 2

Tickets are no longer required for parking garages. You can choose to have the machines scan your card instead of printing a ticket. Scan the same card again on your way out + you’ll be charged for the time you utilized the space. No more lost tickets — we’ve all been there.

Pro tip No. 3

Not all meters are priced the same. Check out this Meter Rate Adjustment Map — you can see which spots downtown charge $1.50 an hour + which only charge $0.50 an hour.


The skyline view from the top of the Courthouse Garage is one of the best in the city. | Photo by LEXPARK

Pro tip No. 4

Walking is rewarded. The Court House Parking Garage, located at 105 Barr St., is a bit off the beaten path, but also the cheapest — only $3 after 5 p.m. + on weekends.

Pro tip No. 5

Metered parking is free after 5 p.m. + on weekends.