Wanted: Christmas trees for downtown Lexington

The City of Lexington is in search of two evergreen trees to use for its annual downtown holiday light displays in downtown.

a tree being harvested

Do you have an evergreen tree you’ve been looking to get rid of? | Photo courtesy of the City of Lexington

Let’s be honest — we’ve all definitely thought about the holiday season at least once already this year. Well, so has the City of Lexington.

City officials announced they are on the hunt for two evergreen trees that they would like to use for its annual downtown holiday light displays.

If you have a nicely-shaped tree that you’ve wanted to have removed from your property, let the city know. It could be used to spread cheer to the ~300,000 citizens that call Lexington home.

Here are the specs on what the city is looking for:

  • 40–50 feet high
  • 20–25 feet wide
  • Be a Norway spruce; Colorado blue spruce; or a Douglas fir
  • Have a pyramidal shape, with fullness, especially at the bottom
  • The tree should not be growing into houses, other trees, or powerlines.

If chosen, the tree will be decorated + lit on Sun., Nov. 27 at the annual Holiday Lighting Festival. 🎄

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