Everything is Science returns next week, and should be a treat for the senses

See the lineup of activities for this annual interactive city-wide science festival

A person holding a blown up globe in front of a group of people.

Scenes from 2022’s EiS Festival about the elements. | Photo provided by UK College of Pharmacy

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Next week will be a feast for the senses. Lexington’s annual city-wide science festival, Everything is Science, is back again with a new theme — Make it Make Sense!

The festival is sponsored by UK’s College of Pharmacy and will bring five nights of interactive, science-based events to the community.

All events will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. + are free and open to the public.

Monday, Feb. 19 | Ethereal Cornerstone

Touch | Doctors and professors from UK and Berea College will touch on ideas pertaining to the sense of touch. Sessions include:

  • Touching the past: Making sense of touch in the ancient world
  • Wild touch: What extreme animals can teach us about how we feel

Tuesday, Feb. 20 | Ethereal Public House

Vision | See presentations from a Gettysburg College speaker + an eye-opening experience with a magician. Sessions include:

  • Controversial chemistry: How the public views central science
  • Am I seeing things?: The magical world of perception

Wednesday, Feb. 21 | Old North Bar

Taste | Chef Ouita Michel + UK professors will give you knowledge to chew on. Sessions include:

  • Savoring Kentucky: Flavor wheel bourbon tasting
  • Fungal feasts: Fungi are all around us — and tasty!

Thursday, Feb. 22 | Pivot Brewing

Hearing | Listen in as presenters from UK and The Hearing & Speech Network dive into the world of hearing. Sessions include:

  • Making sense of your prescriptions: Hearing what you need to know
  • Can you hear me now?: Critical connections between hearing and brain health

Friday, Feb. 23 | Void Sake Co.

Smell | Science will stink up the place with discussions + performances from professors, candle makers, and the Mega Sax Ensemble. Sessions include:

  • What’s that smell?: The philosophy of perception and the olfactory
  • Smelling success: Stink up the place with some funk!

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