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6 classes we’d love to take at OLLI

Registration for these exciting courses is right around the corner.

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Lifelong learning is an important part of staying engaged, helping keep our minds sharp and benefiting our overall cognitive health.

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Did you know continuous learning throughout life not only decreases isolation but also improves cognitive abilities? (Read: It keeps your brain active and healthy.)

OLLI at UK offers educational, social, and community events for adults ages 50+ in our community. Bonus: There are no tests or homework required for OLLI classes. Your only goal is to enjoy learning about something new and meeting new people.

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Field trips aren’t just for kids — OLLI members can participate in trips like this tour of the Aviation Museum.

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So, what classes are available to me? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few that caught our eye:

OLLI Chorus

This course is designed to give participants an opportunity for growth and development while learning and singing quality choral music. A multitude of genres and musical styles, plus proper vocal and choral techniques, will be emphasized. Students will be encouraged to sing with a sense of blend and balance, striving for a professional choral sound. Join the chorus for an enjoyable yet challenging experience.

Poisons and Toxins and Venoms – Oh My!

Did you know that you shouldn’t let your horse eat buttercups? Or let your grandchildren eat any of your oleander plants? Or that Juliet probably drank a nightshade potion? This course will discuss various naturally occurring poisons, including their sources and how they act on the body. For some, they’ll also include references to well-known forensic science cases or works of literature that had “poison plots.” Along with plants, this course will also explore animal venoms and other natural poisons. Bonus: No science background is required.

Cooking: Exploring Sauces

This participatory cooking class helps students capture the most flavor out of the culinary universe using the simplest techniques. Students will also get the chance to discuss their personal experiences with food, travels, family histories, favorite flavors, and food preferences. This input will help guide the direction of the class. Students will leave with a collection of resources to use for their future cooking adventures — including knowledge of sauce-making techniques + recipes.

African American Book Club Shared Interest Group

This book club was designed to further our understanding and insight into personal relationships and the history of Black people in the US. Students will learn about class, race, and more.

Appreciating World-Class Japanese Cinema

Japanese cinema garnered international acclaim during the decades following WWII. In this course, students will watch 11 standout Japanese films. While some students may lack an understanding of the language and an in-depth knowledge of Japan’s unique history and culture, it’s still possible to appreciate the brilliance of these films. This is because moviemaking, whether in Hollywood or Tokyo, relies on common technical, organizational, and narrative components — all of which will be explored throughout the course.

OLLI Fitness

This course features aerobic and strength training to improve physical fitness, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. A typical class begins with easy-to-follow cardio for 25 to 30 minutes, followed by weight training exercises with dumbbells. Classes will always incorporate exercises for abdominals and core strength, ending with flexibility training and cool down. This class is suitable for beginners as well as seasoned exercisers. Friday classes will use chairs instead of mats for weight training exercises, core exercises, and stretching.

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Registration for annual memberships remains open throughout the year.

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Get ready to purchase an annual membership beginning on Tuesday, Aug. 1. Registration for fall courses happens Wednesday, Aug. 2 and Thursday, Aug. 3. Don’t wait — some classes may fill up quickly.


Which learning opportunities are you most interested in? Let us know here.