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City announces year-long birthday celebration in 2025

Let the party planning commence.

The former Lexington courthouse with a 250 birthday banner

The kickoff to start planning for Lexington’s 250th birthday celebration. | Photo by Amy Wallot


In just about 15 months, Lexington will celebrate its semiquincentennialaka its 250th birthday. To commemorate the occasion, city officials and the planning committee announced they are organizing a year-long party.

“Thanks to the work of this commission and with the input from our residents, 2025 will be a year full of events and programs celebrating our rich history. It will take time to organize, but this group will do a great job in making sure our residents and visitors have opportunities to learn and discover all that has made, and still makes, Lexington a great city,” said Mayor Linda Gorton.

Mayor Linda Gorton, Eunice Beatty, and Kip Cornett standing outside the old courthouse

Mayor Linda Gorton with event co-chairs Eunice Beatty + Kip Cornett. | Photo by Amy Wallot


The commission is led by co-chairs Eunice Beatty and Kip Cornett and includes a committee of members from organizations including VisitLex, LexArts, UK, and Casa de la Cultura de Kentucky.

There will be extra emphasis on the month of June, which organizers said will be dubbed “Come Home” month. Why June? This is when Lexington was believed to be named by William McConnell and other explorers who set up camp at what is known today as McConnell Springs.

“We’re inviting anyone who has lived here, has family here, or would like to see all we have to offer to travel here for a month-long cultural experience,” said Mayor Gorton.

Like any well-organized birthday party, we can’t start without a theme and invitations — and this is where you come in.

Residents are encouraged to partake in the 250th birthday branding competition by submitting designs for the “official 250 Lex brand logo.” Read the expectations and send your submissions via email.