Downtown Lexington’s Holiday Light Decorations

Let’s get to know the crew responsible for bringing holiday cheer to downtown Lexington.


It’s beginning to look a lot like the holidays in downtown Lexington. | Photo courtesy of Parks and Recreation

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While the rest of us have been prepping our turkeys, city employees have been busy decorating downtown for the holiday season.

We stopped by Triangle Park to chat with Heidi Lawson, the supervisor of the downtown landscaping holiday crew. She’s been decorating Lexington’s downtown lights for the last 16 years.

She was kind enough to give us a few of her pro tips for decorating for the holidays.


Heidi and her crew help being a magical holiday glow to downtown every year. | Photo by LEXtoday

Pro tip No. 1

“One of the first things I learned is red pops,” said Heidi. If you’re ever in doubt add a bit more red. This will help your tree stand out from afar.

Pro tip No. 2

Plan ahead — decorations are always cheaper after the holidays, even the city’s large-scale industrial ornaments. “Whenever we’re done decorating, I go ahead and start thinking about what colors, themes, or sizes I want for next year,” said Heidi.


Were your eyes naturally drawn to the red ornaments on the tree first? | Photo by LEXtoday

Pro tip No. 3

Make it a team effort. “I need at least three or four people here downtown to get this done and it’s the same at home,” said Heidi.

Pro tip No. 4

Whenever you’re hosting, watch out for rival sports fans. “We have found Tennessee and Louisville ornaments placed in the tree before,” said Heidi. “It’s all in good fun.”

Luminate Lexington event

The city’s annual Holiday Lighting Festival will take place this weekend, where the mayor + city officials will plug in the Christmas tree and menorah lights for the first time.

Luminate Lexington Holiday Lighting Festival | Sunday, Nov. 27 | 3-7 p.m. | Triangle Park, 400 W. Main St., Lexington | Free | Head downtown for the annual holiday lighting of the city’s Christmas Tree + Hanukkah Menorah along with live music, vendors and a visit from Santa.