AI thinks, therefore AI am

UK is working ahead to provide instructors and students with guidance for the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

Students sit around a table with laptops.

This technology AIn’t going anywhere. | Photo courtesy of Mark Cornelison, University of Kentucky

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Seemingly overnight, artificial intelligence (AI) has weaved its way into our every day vernacular as a way to advance our society. As a result, schools + universities across the world are seeking new ways to harness the power of AI. Enter: UK ADVANCE.

Bringing together community members, stakeholders, and staffers, UK ADVANCE (Advancing Data utilization for Value in Academia for National and Campus-wide Excellence) is providing guidance for how to make the most of this technology, responsibly.

Policy highlights

The school’s protocol for using AI will largely vary depending on the subject, but UK is emphasizing that instructors should consider these four areas when creating their own policies:

  • People-centered: Using AI as a supportive tool, not as a lifeboat
  • Adaptability: Adjusting lessons depending on the needs of the course
  • Effectiveness: Highlighting how AI can improve traditional lessons
  • Awareness: Knowing that the technology has both positives + negatives