Make your voice heard with LFCUG’s new public input website

Changes to public input policies and a new website will make engagement easier than ever.

The facade of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Center.

With the help of CivicLex, the Public Input Subcommittee is making it easier for you to offer suggestions about upcoming decisions + proposals. | Photo by Amy Wallot

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Have you been itching to share your suggestions with our local government, but aren’t able to make it to every meeting? No fear — CivicLex and the city’s Public Input Subcommittee are making being an active participant in the city’s decisions easier than ever before.

Changes coming to public comments

Over the last six months, the Public Input Subcommittee has come together to find ways to keep the community engaged with government processes. Taking results from CivicLex’s Public Input Report, the city was able to make adjustments that would create a more efficient public feedback process. These changes include:

  • A digital sign-in process for those who wish to make public comments
  • Reducing how many speakers can yield their time to one person from four to two, bringing total speaking time from 15 minutes to nine minutes
  • Adding security measures which would limit the public from using USB drives

A new website

In addition to changes to the in-person public comment process, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government also launched a new website that compiles everything you need to participate in the topics you care about.

Here, you can easily access information about various government departments and other resources such as:

What’s next

The subcommittee will continue to discuss how to best implement changes to improve the public input process. This includes deciding whether public comments should be added to Council Committee meetings and how to accept digital files from the public without security risk.

Attend the next Public Input Subcommittee meeting on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 10 a.m. on the fifth floor of City Hall.