Great Escapes: Our Guide to Berea, Kentucky

Planning a getaway? Check out Berea, Kentucky, a hidden gem mountain town nestled between the Bluegrass region of Kentucky and the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


The mountains in Berea overlook the stunning Bluegrass landscape of Kentucky.

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City Editor Aaron here. My family and I go to Berea, Kentucky (the Official Folk Art and Craft Capital of Kentucky) every year. ~10 miles of family-friendly hiking trails are located just outside of the city’s quaint town square. After taking in epic views of the stunning Bluegrass landscape, we head back into town for dinner + shopping.

Why go?

  • This town is just small enough, and remote enough, that you can usually avoid some of the larger crowds that gravitate to more popular hiking areas.
  • Head to Berea during the summer to check out the annual Berea Craft Festival. Shop for artisan handmade crafts while enjoying live music and food.
  • Try these three delicious foodie spotsNightjar, Noodle Nirvana, Papa Leno’s.
  • Check out this travel guide for more information.

Even though it’s a small town, Berea can cater to adventure-seekers + foodies alike.

Photo by LEXtoday

Act like a local:

  • Food: Sample signature southern dishes + seasonal specials at the historic Boone Tavern Restaurant. Don’t forget to try the spoon bread.
  • Drinks: If you’re looking to sip on some of Kentucky’s best craft beer, Apollo Pizza and Beer Emporium is the spot. Its huge, classic wooden bar is cozy and inviting.
  • Outdoors: The Berea Pinnacles are a series of small mountains with hiking trails that lead to sweeping vistas. More of a waterfall person? Check out Anglin Falls.
  • Coffee: Sample coffees from around the world at Berea Coffee and Tea.
  • Explore: The Kentucky Artisan Center features handmade goods from artists across Kentucky. This venue also showcases seasonal exhibits throughout the year.
  • Listen: Every October, Berea College hosts the Celebration of Traditional Music — an event that showcases homemade music of the Appalachian region.

Where to stay:

the exterior of a house

Walk to numerous dining options from this quaint downtown cottage.

Photo by VRBO

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