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Keep Lexington Beautiful

Get free supplies, help clean up, and keep Lexington beautiful.

A group of people collecting trash

Keeping Lexington beautiful is fun with friends. | Photo courtesy of Keep Lexington Beautiful

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Want to know what really makes us sad? When we’re walking downtown, showing off our gorgeous city to a visitor or friend, and seeing trash on the sidewalk or in the street. Well, there’s a group here that has made it their mission to keep the city cleanKeep Lexington Beautiful.

The nonprofit started as a city commission ~2007. But, with the blessing of the city, it decommissioned ~2020 in order to help the organization receive funding through grants.

The main goal: “We want to empower people to take pride in their community and our city, to keep it beautiful through litter clean-ups and tree and flower plantings,” said Keep Lexington Beautiful Chair Arin Arnold-Davis.

♻️ Accomplishments

The group is one of three Kentucky communities affiliated with Keep America Beautiful (KAB), which secured these successful grants with a lasting impact:

  • Cigarette Litter Prevention Program | Worked with car dealerships to give out ashtrays and local breweries — like Ethereal, West Sixth, Pivot Brewing, and Country Boy — to install Terra Cycle Cigarette Receptacles. This litter is then sent back, recycled, and turned into something new.
  • Great American Cleanup | This year the national campaign will celebrate its 25th year. By volunteering your time, KAB will provide supplies like gloves, bags, and litter pickers. Arin said last year 30 different groups participated.
A person wearing a shirt that says "ask me about plogging" on it.

KLB + West Sixth Brewery periodically host plogging (jogging and litter clean-up) events. | Photo courtesy of Keep Lexington Beautiful

♻️ Get involved

  • Sign up to volunteer with the litter index on Saturday, Feb. 11 at 8:30 a.m. Those interested will meet at Bluegrass Greensource (835 National Ave.) and ride around “scoring locations based on the amount of litter.” The results will help the city develop and implement solutions.
  • Stay tuned for an announcement very soon about all three of Kentucky’s Keep Beautiful communities coming together for a “Plog Across the Bluegrass” event in early March.
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