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PRHBTN’s love letter to Lexington

A purple mural depicting James Herndon

“Mother of Us All” can be found at 161 N Limestone | Photo by The LEXtoday

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Have you ever looked up at a mural and thought — how did that get there?

More than likely, it’s from the husband-wife team at PRHBTN. John + Jessica Winters have been literally painting the town since 2011. What started as a passion project — featuring artists that don’t often get gallery representation — has now turned into a movement. PRHBTN has helped place 40+ murals around Lexington. Here’s a map of the five newest ones.

How do they do it

Being a nonprofit, PRHBTN relies completely on donations + its Kickstarter campaign to help pay the artists.

Wall selection

PRHBTN will scout the town and reach out to building owners to see if they would be interested in a mural — at no cost to them. Sometimes, owners will call PRHBTN to see if their space works. They keep a running list of available buildings + walls.

Artist selection

John and Jessica research graffiti art blogs + social media hashtags to find different artists that are making waves on the street art scene. If the artist accepts their invitation, they will come to Lexington for a “spraycation” where PRHBTN will cover all of their expenses. Artists will choose from a selection of walls and from there they have full creative freedom.

John said they are aware of the impact art has on the community + likes to make sure the artist’s vision matches the neighborhood. He added, “We have a passion for arts, a passion for the city we live in, and want to give back to the city that has given so much to us.”

Pro tip: The Lexington Parking Authority + PayByPhone are giving five Lexingtonians the chance to win $100. Snap a pic of your favorite mural and post it with the hashtag #ParkingWithAView. Check out more details here.

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