New features on the LEXtoday event page


Lexington’s best events, now on your personal calendar. | Photo by LEXtoday

Maybe you’ve had this thought before — “Wow, LEXtoday keeps me updated on all of the best events around town. I wish I could add some of these to my personal calendar.

Over the past year, readers have written in asking for this feature. Well, we listened.

Our new events page allows you to add the events you’re most excited about to your personal calendar, just click the “Add to Calendar” button.

This new feature works with five different digital calendars:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • iCal
  • Yahoo
  • Outlook

Still partial to the classic 12-month refrigerator calendar? No worries. Nothing’s stopping you from doing stuff the old-fashioned way.

As always, we’re constantly working to curate the best events to keep you out + about exploring the best of what Lexington has to offer.

Know of an event coming up that’s not listed? Don’t forget to add it to our website. Then you can add it to your calendar + invite your besties.

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