Lexington Sporting Club 2024 season preview

Meet the new faces of the front office and coaching staff at Lexington Sporting Club and hear their thoughts on the upcoming 2024 season as well as stadium updates + more.

An indoor soccer facility with red, yellow, and white lines as well as two banners that say Lexington Sporting Club and A Club to Call your Own

A peek inside the Lexington Sporting Club’s indoor training facility. | Photo by LEXtoday

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T-minus 16 days until Lexington Sporting Club kicks off the 2024 season. The team will host Northern Colorado Hailstorm FC on Saturday, March 9 at 7 p.m. at Toyota Stadium in Georgetown.

We had a chance to catch up with the new faces of the organization to get updates on staffing, schedule, and stadium construction.

A woman, Kim Shelton, with a hunter green jacket + glasses on being interviewed with four microphones by her face.

CEO Kim Shelton was an inaugural member of the UK women’s soccer team. | Photo by LEXtoday

Kim Shelton, CEO

Shelton was announced as the new leader of the organization in January. While only 45 days in, she expressed optimism about what’s in store.

On the new season: “We’ve been in Georgetown and we’re grateful for the Georgetown community for embracing us, but we’re [the team] coming to Lexington in August and really excited for our youth players to be out there practicing, playing, and being able to visualize their dream.”

On the Women’s Super league: “The super league is coming, the sanctioning is in. To be a former female athlete and to be here in this place... It’s a really exciting time for the game and there’s just more places for women to play at really, really high levels.”

On stadium status: “Footers are being poured, steel is on the way. We should see steel beginning to be erected around mid-March. We plan to be playing there in August.”

A man, Darren Powell, with a yellow and black jacket on with four microphones in front of his face being interviewed.

Head Coach Darren Powell also coached fellow USL League One team, Fort Lauderdale CF. | Photo by LEXtoday

Darren Powell, Head Coach

Hailing from Nottingham, England, Powell joined the organization in November of 2023 after serving as the Director of Player Development + First Team Assistant Coach Inter Miami CF.

On his new role: “I can’t wait to meet the fans. The ambition of the club is going in a really good direction.”

Powell noted that this year the team will see 10 returning players and 14 new additions. “I think the most important thing for our guys is meshing the two together.”

On the new season: “Preseason has gone well so far in terms of results, but we’ve got to do better in certain areas of the game. What I like the most is the application, the attitude, the effort, [and] the desire to represent this team.”

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