Shredding for a good cause

Learn about why this skater is looking to make a difference.

A man wearing rollerblades skates in a park.

Doug has been skating around Lexington for over three decades. | Photo courtesy of @dougskates859

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Did you know that skate culture has been alive and thriving in Lexington for decades? Now, Doug Williams, local inline skater and President of Friends for Skateparks, is bringing our community to the national spotlight.

Doug is currently in the running for Tony Hawk’s Skate Park Hero, where he could win $10,000 and have a chance to skate with the king shredder himself. Voting for semi-finalists ends today at 10 p.m.

We caught up with Doug to learn more about him, his skating experience, and his life in Lexington.

How did your skating journey begin?

“I started quad skating when I was three, then started skateboarding around five years old. Then, I tried inline skates and was immediately hooked. I’ve been doing it consistently for 33 years now.”

A man rollerblades on a handrail.

Inline skating is Doug’s choice of wheels. | Photo courtesy of @casemahan

What’s your favorite place to skate in Lexington?

“Obviously, Woodland Park. I’ve been skating there even before there was a skate park.”

How has Lexington’s skate culture impacted your life?

“It’s greatly affected my life, and in many ways it saved me. That’s why when I was given the opportunity to become president of Friends for Skateparks, I jumped right at it. Giving back is very important for a person like me who really loves the culture.

I also run a skate brand Avenue with some great people and we bring out awesome products. A good portion of our proceeds go to different nonprofits that we decide upon with each release.”

If you’re ready to hit the wheels or watch the pros show off some gnarly moves, visit one of Lexington’s four skateparks.

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