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Cities most like Lexington — according to AI

We asked ChatGPT which travel destinations are most similar to Horse Capital of the World. See what the artificial intelligence program said.

A shot of downtown Lexington looking down Main Street

How accurate can AI be? | Photo courtesy of @theamericanskyline

With peak summer tourist season in full swing, we’ve got travel on the brain. Some people might be looking to escape to the other side of the world — may we suggest one of our sister cities — while others might be looking for a quick weekend getaway. Either way, it can be nice to find a little familiarity wherever you roam.

We asked ChatGPT to help us find travel destinations that share similarities with the Horse Capital of the World. Here’s what the artificial intelligence program said.

Important note: Anything written by AI will be in italics for clarity.

An AI generated image created by using the prompt "Madison, Wisconsin as Lexington, Kentucky"

Is it just us, or does the AI-generated rendering of Madison definitely give off Lexington vibes? | Image courtesy of Canva

Which US city is most like Lexington?

Madison, Wisconsin

While there are differences in climate, regional culture, and specific industries, Lexington, KY, and Madison, WI, share enough similarities in terms of their university influences, size, community spirit, and quality of life to be considered comparable in many respects.

  • College Town Atmosphere: Both cities have a distinct college town atmosphere with a youthful vibe, vibrant cultural scenes, and a strong emphasis on education and research. This atmosphere is reflected in the variety of cultural events, music scenes, and community activities that cater to students and residents alike.
  • Quality of Life: Both cities consistently rank high in terms of quality of life metrics, including factors like education, healthcare, and overall livability. They offer a good balance of urban conveniences and outdoor recreational opportunities.
An AI generated image of what Oxford, England would look like as Lexington, KY.

This AI-generated rendering of Oxford definitely gives us Lexington-in-the-fall energy. | Image courtesy of Canva

Which international city is most like Lexington?

Oxford, England

Oxford is a university town much like Lexington, with a prestigious university (University of Oxford) at its center. It has a similar size and a rich history, and it offers a blend of academic culture, quaint streets, and a focus on education.

  • University Presence: Both Oxford and Lexington are renowned university towns. These universities play a central role in shaping the culture, economy, and identity of their respective cities.
  • Historic Charm: Both cities boast a rich history and historic architecture. Oxford is particularly famous for its ancient university buildings, colleges, and libraries, while Lexington showcases historic homes, buildings from the 19th century, and landmarks like Ashland, the estate of Henry Clay.
  • Cultural and Academic Vibrancy: They offer a variety of cultural events, museums, theaters, and music venues that cater to both residents and visitors. Both cities also have a strong academic influence, with ongoing research, lectures, and academic conferences contributing to their intellectual atmosphere.

Now it’s your turn. What cities have you visited that were most like Lexington? Tell us.

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