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Historic donation changes landscape of UK Markey Cancer Center

Dr. Mark Evers  MD, FACS, on March 2, 2022. Photo by Mark Cornelison | UKphoto

Dr. Mark Evers MD, FACS, Director of the Markey Cancer Center | Photo by Mark Cornelison | UKphoto

Last month, we heard about Central Bank’s historic $10 million donation to UK HealthCare which will help create the new Markey Cancer Center. It also happens to be the largest gift in the healthcare system’s history.

We spoke with Markey Cancer Center Director Dr. Mark Evers who shared with us a little bit more about what we can expect with the new $90-million dollar facility.

But first, some fast facts about the Markey Cancer Center —

  • It ranks among the top 50 cancer centers in the country.
  • It’s the only cancer center in the state designated by the National Cancer Institute + one of only 71 in the US.

New digs

One of the biggest changes will be the size + capabilities of the new complex

  • It will be ~260,000 sqft. with onsite parking, outpatient operating and procedures rooms, diagnostics and imaging services, and more.
  • It will be located in the 100 block of Conn Terrace, State Street, University Avenue, and Waller Avenue, behind Shriner’s Hospital.

The current buildings were built in the mid-to-late ‘80s. Dr. Evers noted the number of patients has doubled in the past 10 years. “We now see 120,000 patients per year, and that’s within the same footprint that has existed for 30-40 years.”

Right now, a patient may have to visit four to five different buildings during one appointment — traveling to different locations for labs, X-rays + fusions. “It’s stressful enough for the patient and the family that they have a cancer diagnosis in the first place. So, having to go to multiple places to get things done is very stressful,” said Dr. Evers.

“I feel great that we can deliver the same cutting edge care + research that folks can get anywhere else in the country,” he added.

Construction is expected to begin in early 2023.

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