All you need to know about Blue Grass Airport

To help make your entire process at Blue Grass Airport as smooth as possible, we’ve created a guide that covers everything from parking to details on the airport’s 16 nonstop flights.

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Pack your bags, let’s go on an adventure. | Photo provided by Blue Grass Airport

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Traveling via plane is fun — jet-setting over beautiful blue waters or rolling hills, taking in cloud formations, and landing in a completely different location in a matter of hours is unlike anything else.

The whole navigating the airport part? Less exciting, and sometimes pretty stressful. To help make your time at the Blue Grass Airport as smooth as possible, we’ve created a guide that covers everything from master plan updates and parking to details on the airport’s 16 nonstop flights.

What to know

  • TSA | According to TSA officials, it takes ~5 minutes to get through during off-peak hours and ~15 minutes during peak hours (which are around 6-9 a.m.).
  • Map it out | If you’re like us and need to completely visualize a place before you step foot inside, these maps of the entire airport will be your saving grace.
  • Food and drink | Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee or a donut from Dunkin’ Donuts. Get a taste (or a sip) of southern hospitality at The Bourbon Library Restaurant & Bar. If you need a tried + true Bluegrass gift, check out the extensive wine and bourbon offerings from Cork & Barrel.
  • Reminder | By May 3, 2023, you will need a REAL ID to board commercial flights in the US.
  • Flight status | While we recommend staying updated via your respective airline, you can also check the airport’s dashboard for your flight status in a pinch.
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Stop in Cork & Barrel to see its unique + rare bourbon collection. | Photo provided by Blue Grass Airport

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Current airport updates

Blue Grass Airport is currently working on creating a new Master Plan. The airport goes through this process every ~10 years to manage its development and operational sustainability, and you can be a part of the process. Do you have some ideas you’d like to share? Submit your comments and feedback here.

Parking, shuttles, and rideshare

Not everyone has a bestie who will drop everything to pick them up from their 3 a.m. landing. Each lot and garage offers 30 minutes of free parking, 31-60 minutes for $2, and each additional hour for $1. Beyond that, the price per day is as listed:

  • Short term parking | $16/day
  • Long term parking | $13/day
  • Valet | $22/day

Because Blue Grass Airport only has two terminals, all of these parking options are within walking distance of TSA and your gate.
Hate the thought of driving yourself? Try out a rideshare or taxi service that will take you to and from the terminal. These services are suggested by the Blue Grass Airport:

  • Lextran | Shuttle | The express route takes you to + from LEX to the downtown Transit Center on Vine Street, running Monday-Friday, 6 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Lexington Taxi Cab | Taxi | Meters begin at $4.50 and rates are ~$3.50 per mile, valid for up to four passengers.
  • Rideshare Apps | Ride | Book your ride directly from your smartphone.

The rideshare pick-up location is located in the turn at the end of the terminal and the drop-off location is with your normal loading and unloading area.

Nonstop flights

Lexington offers 16 nonstop flights. Here are four nonstop flights to nearby locations.

Pro tip: Remember that flight times and schedules will often change you should rely on your respective airline for exact timing and to stay updated on any changes.

  • Atlanta | Delta | Daily | Times vary
  • Charlotte | American | Daily | Times vary
  • Chicago | United | Daily | Times vary
  • Philadelphia | American | Daily | Times vary
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