Where to find burgoo in Lexington, Kentucky

This Kentucky dish can be as fleeting as the fall foliage.

a painter and a horse

Local artist Wylie Caudill poses with his completed Horse Mania horse titled “Sweet Cerulean.”

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Ever since the Keeneland Fall Meet ended, I’ve been thinking about burgoo. It seems this staple dish of the Commonwealth can be as fleeting as the fall foliage.

So, I went on a mission to sample some burgoo from two local spots: Dad’s Favorites Deli + Stella’s Kentucky Deli.

Dad’s Favorites Deli

  • Details: Dad’s serves its burgoo seasonally, just like Keeneland. So it wasn’t on the menu when I went.
  • However: I found out that its étouffée is actually award-winning and delicious.
  • What to expect: The menu changes daily here — come with an open mind and an empty belly.

The hunt continues...

Stella’s Kentucky Deli

  • Details: Burgoo is always on the menu at Stella’s + it’s made with locally sourced meat from neighboring farms.
  • What to expect: The stew includes beef, chicken, and pork — as well as a base of chicken stock + bacon grease, not your typical tomato-based burgoo.
  • Pair with: Something lighter — I suggest the Apple and Kentucky Bleu Cheese Sandwich.
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