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Places to work outside in Lexington

When the sun’s out, the world is your workspace.

The outside of coffee shop Kenwick Table.

Kenwick Table offers front porch and back patio seating. | Photo by LEXtoday

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You’ve got a big presentation due… and a big pile of laundry taunting you. We get it — working from home can be a mixed blessing. There are days when a change of scenery is a must if you’re going to get anything done. The good news? Research shows that tackling your tasks al fresco actually helps boost productivity.

Finding places to work outside in Lexington was at the top of our to-do list, so can we just say? Check.

Coffee and tea shops

Caffeine reigns supreme if you have a latte work to finish. Put on your favorite playlist and get to it.

Broomwagon Bikes + Cafe, 800 N. Limestone
Weekdays, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.; Weekends, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; Closed Tuesday
WiFi: Yes
Covered: No

It won’t be hard to hunker down for a day of work in this courtyard when you’re surrounded by friendly baristas and an uplifting paper crane mural.

Kenwick Table, 201 Owsley Ave.
Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-8 p.m.; Friday + Saturday, 7 a.m.-10:30 p.m.; Sunday, 8 a.m.-6p.m.
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Partially, umbrellas

Choose your own adventure as your immerse yourself into the vibrant Kenwick neighborhood. Spend time on this coffee shop’s back patio surrounded by trees, or at one of its entrance tables for a more intimate setting.

Lussi Brown Coffee Bar, 114 Church St.
Wednesday-Sunday, 7 a.m.-10 p.m.; Closed Mondays + Tuesdays
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Partially

Bask in the glow of downtown while you work + sip on carefully-curated caffeinated drinks.

Benches and tables sitting in the beer garden at Kentucky Native Cafe.

Serenity during the work day? That’s where Kentucky Native Cafe shines. | Photo by Kirstin Speer

Restaurants and bars

At these fine establishments, the patio is the way to go — especially when the Lexington weather is at its best. Order some food and drinks to fuel your focus.

Kentucky Native Cafe, 417 E. Maxwell St.
Daily, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Closed Mondays
WiFi: Yes
Covered: No

Did you know that being exposed to nature can boost your morale + productivity? Now what if you could do that and snack on farm-fresh bites? Look no further than Kentucky Native Cafe.

The Grove, 200 S. Upper St.
Wednesday-Sunday, Open anytime a Grove business is open
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Partially

This business collective is perfect for the remote worker in need of a view + fresh air thanks to Harvey’s Beer Garden. We also love the close proximity to nearly everything downtown.

Whole Foods Market, 4059 Finn Way
Daily, 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Yes

Want the outdoors to stay a little...indoors? The patio at Whole Foods in the Summit is the ideal location with plenty of seating, screened-in walls, and even outdoor patio heaters for when the temperature drops.

The patio at West Sixth Brewing.

Fuel your work day with sunshine and brews. | Photo courtesy of West Sixth Brewing

West Sixth Brewing, 501 W. 6th St.
Sunday-Tuesday, 11a.m.-10p.m.; Wednesday + Thursday, 11a.m.-11p.m.; Friday + Saturday, 11 a.m.-12 a.m.
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Partially

Sometimes, coffee just doesn’t cut it. Venture to The Bread Box’s patio to enjoy a brew, lunch at Smithtown Seafood, and crank out your best work.

Mirror Twin Brewing, 725 National Ave.
Daily, 11 a.m.-12 a.m.
Restrooms: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Yes

Enjoy a plethora of outdoor seating while sipping on a brew, eating a pizza from Rolling oven, and finally replying to those emails.

Tables and benches sitting on the patio at Goodfellas.

Day or night, Goodfellas is the perfect hidden gem for work. | Photo by LEXtoday

Goodfellas, 1228 Manchester St.
Sunday-Wednesday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Friday + Saturday, 11 a.m.-1 a.m.
Restrooms: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Partially

It’s not hard to find a quiet bench here for some heads down work, or bring the team together for pizza, brews, and in-person collaboration.

The Press, 191 Kentucky Ave.
Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-5:30 p.m.; Saturday, 8 a.m.-3:00 p.m.; Sunday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Restrooms: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Partially

Sip on a green smoothie or cold-pressed juice, take in views of Woodland Park, and most importantly, stop procrastinating on that project.

East End Tap & Table, 333 E. Main St. Ste. 180
Wednesday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-10p.m.; Sunday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m.; Closed Monday + Tuesday
Restrooms: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Partially

Sometimes, you just need a waffle to help cushion the pile of paperwork you have to do. Here, enjoy the day by sitting underneath a patio umbrella and letting the buzz of the city motivate you.

Wise Bird Cider Co., 1170 Manchester St. Ste. 140
Tuesday-Thursday, 4-10 p.m.; Friday + Saturday, 12-11 p.m.; Sunday, 12-8 p.m.
Restrooms: Yes
WiFi: Yes
Covered: Partially

The Distillery District is sure to give your workday that extra boost of inspiration it needs. Grab a glass of cider and enjoy a view of Town Branch Creek while knocking out your work tasks.

a park

Grab a blanket and load up your hotspot for fresh air work session. | Photo by UKphoto

Parks and public spaces

It’s hard to beat fresh air when you want to think clearly. Set up a picnic blanket or head to your favorite picnic table — just don’t forget to charge your devices and bring your own hotspot.

Jacobson Park, 4001 Athens Boonesboro Rd.
Daily, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. (or until dark)
Restrooms: Yes
WiFi: No
Covered: Partially

With 216 acres to explore, there’s no shortage of spots you can quietly get work done. Snag a bench near the reservoir or post up under a shelter for a little more shade.

The Arboretum State Botanical Garden of Kentucky, 500 Alumni Dr.
Open dawn until dusk
Restrooms: Yes
WiFi: No
Covered: No

Considering this your excuse to escape the library and head outdoors. Find a picnic table, whip out your laptop for a productive day, then take a break to explore the Arboretum’s thousands of native plants.

Thoroughbred Park, 100 Midland Ave.
Daily, dusk til dawn
Restrooms: No
WiFi: No
Covered: No

Turning onto East Main Street, you’ve likely seen horse statues that decorate Thoroughbred Park. Not only is it a peaceful, urban oasis, but you can get your caffeine fix too by visiting A Cup of Common Wealth right across the street.

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