Mobile Market aims to address food insecurity

Learn more about the 60-foot grocery store on wheels coming to Lexington this summer.

A rendering of a Mobile Market truck, featuring photos of fruits and vegetables.

Accessing fresh produce has never been easier. | Rendering courtesy of the City of Lexington

Lettuce tell you about a new program that aims to address food accessibility in the area.

Through a partnership with Kroger and God’s Pantry, the city has detailed the rollout of the Mobile Market, a traveling grocery aisle that will sell pantry staples, essentials, and fresh produce.

A 2020 report from the city’s Racial Justice and Equality Commission found several neighborhoods were in the middle of food deserts, meaning Lexingtonians are living in areas “that are not close to food sources,” Mayor Linda Gorton said in a press conference.

Mike Halligan, CEO of God’s Pantry, added, “Many neighbors with limited access to transportation cannot purchase nutritious food.”

The pilot program will take place this summer, from July to September, and start with four neighborhoods. During this time, the team will make over 20 stops to study the most effective routes, evaluate inventory needs, and identify any potential issues.