Meet community radio station RadioLEX

Learn about Lexington’s voice for the community, RadioLEX.

An outside shot of RadioLEX headquarters.

RadioLEX content is recorded + produced at Greyline Station. | Photo provided by RadioLEX

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Have you ever thought of a topic you’d love to share with the community? There’s an app for that. Well, actually it’s our community radio station, RadioLEX, but it also has an app.

This week, the nonprofit organization is wrapping up its “Lucky 7” fundraising campaign, celebrating seven years of sharing your unique stories.


The organization was started thanks to community leader Debra Hensley — to share the voices of all people who live and work in Lexington. RadioLEX operates two 24/7 FM stations — 93.9 for English + 95.7 for Spanish.

In early 2020, at the beginning of the pandemic, the station’s Executive Director Mark Royse said the organization learned firsthand how important it was to share public information in other languages.

Teaming up with the Mayor’s office + the public health department, RadioLEX was able to share state and local COVID19 briefings in ~20 different languages.

A man with headphones on speaking into a microphone.

Volunteers receive training on how to record in the studio. | Photo provided by RadioLEX



“RadioLEX is a platform that gives people a voice who might not always have it — people who might have their narrative told to them by someone else, an opportunity to represent themselves,” said Mark.

The content is created by local volunteers any Lexingtonian can participate — talking about everything from community discussion shows, inspiration, wellness, dating, public health and safety information, science, sports + more. And of course, there’s music — think jazz, classical, soul, R&B, and salsa.

Plan Ahead

It’s Your America | Wed., Sept. 28 | 5:30-8:30 p.m. | Limestone Hall, 215 W. Main St. | Free | This partnership between Civic Genius and CivicLex will host fun activities + meaningful conversations to help community members understand issues and craft solutions.

Zombie Crawl | Sat., Oct. 22 | 1-6 p.m. | Various locations | Free | A precursor to the Thriller Parade, listen to “War of the Worlds"-style radio calls for clues about a zombie invasion — more details coming soon.