See the winner of our 2023 Picture of the Year contest

After 100+ submissions, our readers have chosen their favorite picture of the year.

The entrance of Keeneland lined with dozens of trees with orange and reddish leaves.

The 2023 Picture of the Year Winner, “On my way to the races.” | Photo submitted by Brandon L.

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The votes are in for the LEXtoday 2023 Picture of the Year contest. With 800+ total responses, check out the finalists below, including the winner that you, our readers, voted for.

Winner: “On my way to the races” by Brandon L.

273 votes. We have a thing for fall foliage, and apparently y’all do too. We must say, seeing the bright orange and reds that appear at Keeneland’s iconic entrance is always a sight for sore eyes during these gray winter days.

A white barn with green steeples surrounded by gray storm clouds and big green trees.

“Chasing a sunrise storm” | Photo submitted by Sydney C.

Finalist: “Chasing a sunrise storm” by Sydney C.

240 votes. Lexington’s historic Manchester Farm shines in this photo, highlighting how our breathtaking horse farms complement our landscape.

Catalpa Rd lined with golden gingko trees with the peek of the sun through the trees at sunset.

“Catalpa Rd at Golden Hour” | Photo submitted by Sydney C

Finalist: “Catalpa Rd at Golden Hour” by Sydney C.

91 votes. The golden tunnel is one of our favorite fall happenings, but the way Sydney captured it with the sun peeking through is jaw-dropping.

A reflection of the Big Blue Building + Lexington Marriott in the windows of City Center windows

“Big Blue Reflections” | Photo submitted by Geoffrey B.

Finalist: “Big Blue Reflections” by Geoffrey B.

72 votes. This to us is one of those points of view that makes you pause + reflect. We love seeing this unique take on notable downtown spots.

A woman standing the opening of Green Lantern Bar surrounded by a dragon carving and red and green lights.

“Late night Green Lantern Bar” | Photo submitted by ML

Finalist: “Late night Green Lantern Bar” by Maggie L.

74 votes. We love our dive bars and how this moody, yet mystical photo encapsulates the cozy feeling you get the moment you walk into Green Lantern Bar.

Hundreds of jack-o-lanterns on the steps of Old Morrison at night with the reflection showing in the rain puddle on the ground

“Pumpkinmania at Transylvania” | Photo submitted by Kiah A

Finalist: “Pumpkinmania at Transylvania” by Kiah A.

54 votes. Despite being a still, the glow of the jack o’ lanterns come to life in this photo of Pumpkinmania — one of our favorite traditions in Lexington.

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