Sip on, Cibon

A new boutique spirits store and taste room is bringing both local and international flare to Rosemont Garden.

The exterior of a building that will be transformed into the boutique shop and tasting room.

Brady Barlow says that he hopes to bring unique tastes that aren’t readily available in Lexington. | Photo by LEXtoday

A new boutique spirits store + wine bar opening in Rosemont Garden meets at the intersection of international flare, neighborhood vibes, and of course, Lexington.

Cibon comes from West Sixth Brewing co-founder Brady Barlow and his wife Megan Winfield, who were inspired by a spot they frequented in Rochester, NY.

Barlow says that their hope is to bring a relaxed and comfortable environment, while offering food + drink options that aren’t really found anywhere else in town. Think: Tea from France and chocolate from Kansas City.

“I really want to play off of being neighborhood-focused, a place where you can kick back a little bit and have a great experience when you walk in,” said Barlow.

Once it opens at 211 Rosemont Garden, around February-March, there will be a variety of experiences including:

  • A retail space selling spirits and nifty gifties
  • A wine bar in the front room with a limited menu
  • Private bourbon tasting events in its back room
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