Imagine New Circle Road with so much more

The road that everyone loves to hate, might just get a refresh thanks to the work of those behind Imagine New Circle Road.

An aerial google map view of New Circle Road in Lexington, KY.

The New Circle Road Corridor in discussions runs from Richmond Road to Newtown Pike. | Map via Google

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Tomorrow, June 8 at 1:30 p.m., you’re invited to the Planning Commission’s public hearing, where you can learn more + share comments on Imagine New Circle. To help you be an informed citizen with a voice, we’re here to equip you with the need-to-know details.

What is Imagine New Circle?

Imagine New Circle is a study that considers areas of opportunity along the road from Newtown Pike to Richmond Road. It’s led by a partnership between Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government, Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, Lextran, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

By bringing together area residents, business owners, and policymakers, they have been able to make informed decisions about future growth that matches the needs + wants of the surrounding community.

A rendering of New Circle Road with new buildings and trees added.

This rendering shows short-term visuals of what could be implemented in front of Woodhill Plaza. | Rendering courtesy of Imagine New Circle

    Survey findings

    Leaders for the initiative have been canvassing area businesses + residents since the spring of 2022. Most recent surveys, which were open March-May of this year, found that 95% of respondents value the upkeep of public spaces. Think: an increase in the number of trees, landscaping, and lighting along the corridor.

    A random sampling of the open response answers indicated common themes, including “limiting ‘unsightly’ businesses like used car lots, supporting non-car transportation, supporting quality of life and beautification projects, requesting improved traffic flow, and expressing concern about narrowing lanes.”

    Key takeaways + themes

    • Connecting the corridor with safe and accessible facilities for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.
    • Activating the corridor through infill within underutilized spaces — like the parking lot in front of Woodhill Circle Plaza.
    • Creating a welcoming public realm with landscaping and amenities along the corridor + new public spaces that support adjacent land uses.

    Did you know there are 11 different land uses across the 4,283 acres in the study area? Take a deeper dive into current land use + see ideas for future plans in the Corridor Study.

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