Fayette County Public Schools releases new branding

New year, new you.

A dark blue background with a white logo featuring a crest

New year, new logo. | Logo provided by FCPS

Fayette County Public Schools has a new look. Reflecting the school district’s 2022-27 Strategic Plan, “A New Way Forward,” the logo highlights the progress towards its goal of a top-tier educational experience for students.

Let’s take a closer look at the emblem, piece by piece.

  • Crest shape: It’s the same shape as Marquis de Lafayette family’s crest, which is where we get the name Fayette County.
  • Fence: We know it can’t be a representation of Lexington without at least one reference to our horse farms.
  • Pencil, book, and diploma: These represent students’ journeys from learning to read + write, then on to graduation.
  • Stars + globe: Signifying the North Star and FCPS commitment to guiding students through school and preparing for the global community.

Find more details about the inspiration + timing for the change on FCPS’s new website.