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Drink Up: Your favorite espresso martinis in Lexington

Creamy, icy, espresso-filled goodness.

Two espresso martinis on a table outside at night surrounded by plants

An ice-cold espresso martini in Harvey’s Beer Garden is the sweetest ending to an evening. | Photo courtesy of @phillip.burchell

In honor of Drink Up Month, we investigated the hard-hitting question you want to know (or maybe it’s just us): Who has the best espresso martinis?

We asked, and you answered. From decadent whipped toppings to less-sweet treats, here’s where to find your favorite espresso martinis + what makes them so good.

Jeff Ruby’s, 101 W. Vine St.

  • “10/10 — so delicious, smooth, tastes like a latte.” — @annabee21
  • “Has the perfect bite of coffee, foam, and with no cream.” — @_heatherriley

Lussi Brown Coffee Bar, 114 Church St.

  • “Because they have the best espresso in town!-" — @annamarialucia
  • “Delicious espresso.” — @jonsmith2413
  • “Great quality espresso and not too creamy or rich.” — @jaclynfyffe

Old North Bar, 101 W. Loudon Ave.

  • “You have options for different flavors, or you can stick with the classics.” — @poppyandpomelo
  • “Ask for Robin to make them.” — @weird_al97
Two espresso martinis on top of a marble bar with maroon napkins.

Raise your hand if you eat the coffee beans at the end. | Photo by @jordanlacore

ItalX, 160 W. Main St.

  • “Has a good bite, they might use vermouth.” — @annabee21
  • “The perfect balance and not overly creamy.” — @morgan_biggs

Harvey’s, 200 W. Main St.

  • “They have the best bartenders.” — @ashleyh098
  • “The best, perfectly creamy.” — @katieghiardi

Bella Cafe & Grille, 890 E. High St.

  • “Perfect presentation and delicious espresso flavor. Chef’s kiss.” — @other_theresa

Bear & the Butcher, 815 Euclid Ave.

  • “Perfect combination of espresso and liquor, and frothy.” — @sassydanss

Bourbon on Rye, 115 W. Main St.

  • “Super creamy, no espresso.” — @linstagram_straight_flexxinn

Carson’s, 362 E. Main St.

  • “Espresso flavor-forward with a little sweet finish. Not too creamy or sweet.” — @wandering_fatties

The Tulip Bistro & Bar, 355 Romany Rd.

  • “They use real espresso.” — @angiekirby_

Epping’s on Eastside, 264 Walton Ave.

  • “Consistent and creamy.” — @katlynannart

Other honorable mentions include:

Ready to get sipping? Check out this handy map we made for your espresso martini adventure.

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