Hollywood movies filmed in Kentucky

A clock outside of Keeneland
Keeneland in late Fall | photo by @greggraysonphotography

In Lexington, Keeneland is the king of October.

But with so much racing + so little time, it’s impossible to be at every race. That’s why we’re helping you hold your horses by listing off the best movies filmed at Keeneland — so you can Keeneland + Chill even when you’re not at the track. 

We’re also wagering that not every Lexingtonian goes crazy over Keeneland — so we’ve listed some other great films that have been shot in Kentucky too.

Can someone pass the popcorn?

Keeneland + Hollywood

Seabiscuit” | 2003 | Netflix | The true story of an undersized racehorse whose victories lifted the spirits of the nation.

Dreamer” | 2005 | Prime Video | A father and daughter rebuild their bond while nursing a racehorse back to health. 

Secretariat” | 2010 | Prime Video | A trainer and her longshot stallion shock the world by winning the Triple Crown.

Boo-grass Flicks

Not pining for the ponies? — Here are some Kentucky-based horror flicks that will help you settle into spooky season.

The Clovehitch Killer” | 2018 | Netflix | Set + filmed entirely in Kentucky, a small Kentucky town grapples with a mysterious murderer. 

Rust Creek” | 2018 | Netflix | A college student gets lost on her way to a job interview + gets stranded in the Kentucky forest. 

Bluegrass Backdrops

Stallions + slashers not your thing? — These are films that use Kentucky as a backdrop, because it’s just so dang pretty here.

The Kentuckian” | 1955 | Prime Video | A must-watch for any Kentuckian — this film showcases the natural beauty of our state with gorgeous shots of Cumberland Falls.

Coal Miner’s Daughter” | 1980 | Prime Video | This film tells the story of Loretta Lynn + was filmed in portions of Eastern Kentucky.

Fire Down Below” | 1997 | Prime Video | Watch an epic Steven Seagal chase scene filmed at Natural Bridge State Park.