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💦 How to recharge + rehydrate with an IV drip from Renew Hydration

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Closeup of an IV drip

An IV drip treatment can give you the boost to help you keep up with the daily grind.

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What do colds, bachelorette parties, and daily life stressors have in common? All of them can take a toll on our bodies — leaving us feeling tired, sluggish, and dehydrated. Enter: Renew Hydration, a Lexington-based mobile IV hydration service that delivers fluids directly into the bloodstream. Think: minerals, vitamins, and custom mixes that will leave you recharged and feeling your best, quickly.

Here’s everything you need to know about this multi-beneficial luxury service. 💧

Fast facts:

IV drip treatments can help combat dehydration, boost the immune system, help athletes recover, fight hangover or jet lag fatigue + more.

  • A treatment takes about an hour to complete. (Read: you can schedule a drip during your lunch break.)
  • Custom mixes target migraines, PMS pain, energy deficiencies, and more. For example, the Wellness Drip features a powerful 1L cocktail of electrolyte fluids, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, B12, and Magnesium.
  • Dreaming of a spa day? Think of IV hydration as a spa day for your veins, making you feel good from the inside out.
  • ~75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, which can lead to health problems like headaches, fatigue, dry skin, and intestinal issues.
  • You don’t have to get an IV drip by yourself. Renew Hydration can set up multiple drips, so you can re-hydrate while chilling with your friends (or as a luxe treatment before an event). Pro tip: Get a discount of $10 per person when you book a party of four and $15 for parties of five.
  • Nervous about needles? Don’t be. Renew Hydration makes the experience relaxing — even for someone apprehensive of needles.
  • IV drips (about 1 liter of fluid) start at $85.

How to book an appointment:

Contact Renew Hydration by phone, (859) 488-6731, or email to schedule an appointment. All treatments are safe for most people. Renew Hydration can modify any treatment to make it safe and effective.

Follow Renew Hydration on Facebook and Instagram for more health-boosting tips + tricks.*

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