Here’s how to join a city board or commission

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There are 70 city boards + commissions in Lexington, and 19 have vacancies, including Explorium. | Photo by the LEXtoday team

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Want to get more involved in the city’s happenings, but don’t know where to begin? Joining a board or a commission can help fill that void in your life + an empty seat at their table.

In Lexington, there are 70 boards + commissions focused on parks, the airport, sister cities + more. Today we’re sharing with you the 19 that currently have vacancies or terms ending soon.

How to get involved

To be considered, you must first fill out an application. Click here to be placed on the vacancy notification list. Note: Even more boards have spots to fill, but are centered around specific neighborhood residents or career fields.

Current vacancies

Environmental Commission

  • Three vacancies | Four-year term
  • Protect and improve our environment by promoting sustainability + addressing community concerns

Explorium of Lexington Board of Directors

  • Four vacancies | Four-year term
  • Aid in decision-making for our children’s museum

Historic Preservation Commission

  • Three vacancies | Four-year term
  • Review legislation + nominations of historic places that may affect historic preservation.

Lexington Center Corporation Board of Directors

  • Two vacancies | Four-year term
  • Acts as the management oversight of Central Bank Center

Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Directors

  • Two vacancies | Three-year term
  • Promote recreation, convention, and tourist activities in Fayette County + help oversee the operation of VisitLEX.

Library Board of Advisors

  • Two vacancies | Four-year term
  • Help guide the long-term strategies for the Lexington Public Library

Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center Board of Directors

  • Two vacancies | Four-year term
  • Oversee the management and programming for the Lyric Theatre

Mayor’s International Affairs Advisory Commission

  • Four vacancies | Four-year term
  • Help provide information + advice on issues affecting foreign-born residents of Lexington and Fayette County and international issues that affect the community-at-large

Police Disciplinary Review Board

  • Three vacancies | Length varies
  • Consider substantiated complaints made against officers

Alarm Advisory Board

  • One vacancy | Three-year term
  • Also known as the code enforcement board

Arboretum Advisory Board

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Advise the UK Horticulture Department Chair + Arboretum Director on issues brought to their attention concerning the greenspace.

Homelessness Prevention and Intervention

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Support the coordination of federally and locally-funded projects to help end homelessness

Social Services Advisory Board

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Advise the Department of Social Services on administration + management of all local welfare, domestic relations, juvenile, and children’s service programs.

Transit Authority Board

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Manage and conduct business affairs of LexTran

Vacant Property Review Commission

  • One vacancy | Four-year term
  • Certify properties that are blighted or deteriorated to the Urban County Council

Terms ending soon

Bluegrass Crime Stoppers

  • Four-year term
  • Help motivate public cooperation and involvement with law enforcement efforts to prevent crime.

Civil Service Commission

  • Four-year term
  • Oversee matters pertaining to operations + administration of the civil service system such as hearing disciplinary action appeals and terminations.

Corridors Commission

  • Four-year term
  • Help assess the major roads of Fayette County regarding aesthetic qualities, landscaping, fencing, signage, litter control, as well as bike and pedestrian considerations

Parking Authority Board

  • Four-year term
  • Aid in the oversight of LexPark
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