Get good at giving with the 13th GoodGiving Challenge

The annual GoodGiving fundraising campaign has returned, encouraging Kentuckians to support their local nonprofit.

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Mayor Linda Gorton speaks during the GoodGiving Challenge kickoff. | Photo courtesy of Brandon Dunstan + LFUCG

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Yesterday marked the beginning of #GivingTuesday, a global campaign that encourages generosity. This also marked the start of Smiley Pete + the Blue Grass Community Foundation’s (BGCF) Good Giving Challenge, which runs through Friday, Dec 1.

What is the GoodGiving Challenge?

Entering its 13th year, the GoodGiving Challenge has managed to help raised ~$20 million for Kentucky-based charities.

Each day is sponsored by various funds that are willing to match big dollars for our support. There are also daily prizes + challenges including Power Hour and Social Media Sweepstakes.

Organizations also receive toolkits, training sessions, and resources to promote their good work.

An outside shot of RadioLEX headquarters.

RadioLEX content focuses on amplifying marginalized voices. | Photo courtesy of RadioLEX

How to participate

If you want to help spread the charitable cheer, here’s a few things to note:

  • There are 195 participating local and regional nonprofits
  • Charities + their goals can be found via the website
  • Minimum donations are $10 and there is no max

If you want to make the biggest impact with your gift, see the breakdown below for daily foundation matches:
Wednesday, Nov. 29

  • Macadam Family Foundation | Match amount: $25,000 | Donations up to $50 will be matched $1 for $1
  • Mitchell Family Foundation + BGCF | Match amount: $30,000 | First 30 nonprofits to raise $3,000 across two donations will receive a bonus $1,000
A stone building with a feather banner outside

LexArts Hop is free + open to public and takes place the third Friday of every other month. | Photo by LEXtoday

Thursday, Nov. 30

  • BCGF | Match amount: $30,000 | Nonprofits with 50+ donors of at least $25 will be entered into a drawing for endowment prizes
  • Angel Levas Foundation | Match amount: $15,000 | Will donate 50¢ per $1 match for arts and community organizations
  • Traditional Bank Human Services | Match amount: $15,000 | Will donate 50¢ per $1 match for human services organizations

Friday, Dec. 1

  • Marksbury Family Foundation | Match amount: $60,000 | Gifts up to $500 will be matched 50¢ per $1
  • Outlaw State of Kind Hometown Fund | Match amount: $100,000 | Gifts up to $500 will be matched 50¢ per $1