Ain’t no boulder high enough

Outdoor climbing boulders come to Northeastern Park

Two men climb an outdoor boulder

Blake Clarkson and Ryan Smith climb on of the boulders during the Northeastern Park ribbon cutting

Photo courtesy of Amy Wallot/LFUCG

Northeastern Park just got a little more rock n’ roll.

Last week, Lexington unveiled the city’s first outdoor climbing boulders on Eastern Avenue, just off of East Main Street.

Lexington Parks and Recreation jumped at the opportunity to zhuzh up the downtown park after feedback from the neighborhood found that more climbing structures were desired. The project was funded by the $10 million allotted for parks upgrades from the American Rescue Plan Act.

Design firm Recreation Insights and ID Sculpture were the brains behind the glass fiber reinforced concrete boulders inspired by natural rocks seen at Red River Gorge.

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