Lexington to move $6 million in COVID relief elsewhere

Here’s where the money is going.

A bird's eye view of Downtown Lexington

ARPA funding will be put towards several new projects across town. // Photo courtesy of @thedronerangerky

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This week, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council voted to reallocate $6 million of its COVID relief funding, aka American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

The changes

In 2021, Lexington outlined where its $121+ million in ARPA funds would be spent, announcing major projects such as $7.5 million going towards Town Branch Park.

Previously, $2 million of the funding was intended to go towards moving the Salvation Army of Lexington to a bigger location. Instead, the organization plans to expand its current location on West Main Street.

The remaining $4 million would have gone to the Lexington Farmers’ Market for relocation, which had plans for a permanent space near Oliver Lewis Way. For now, the farmers’ market will stay in its current home at Tandy Park, as well as support its seasonal locations across town.

Fast fact: ARPA funds must be spent by the end of 2026. The organizations above noted they were unable to meet the deadline for spending and completed projects.

What’s next?

The council has voted to now use the $6 million for affordable housing, renovations, new construction, and re-imagining Phoenix Park.

Despite the money being shifted around, the council has voted to use it in a way that still supports the community

    💸 $2 million towards Lexington’s affordable housing fund
    💸 $2 million towards building a new community building in Davis Park
    💸 $1 million towards renovating Black + Williams Community Center
    💸 $1 million to revamp and re-imagine downtown’s Phoenix Park

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