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Scary stories from the Bluegrass

The Bluegrass is world-famous for many things, but should it be known for its paranormal activitiy?

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A relaxing camping trip amongst friends turned into an unforgettable encounter. | Photo courtesy of Max Caswell

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Happy Halloween, Lexington. 🎃

Today we’ve got three creepy Kentucky stories that are scarier than rush-hour traffic on Nicholasville Road.

Read on... if you dare.


Reports from Bourbon Country | According to data from the Kentucky Bigfoot Research Organization, there are ~30 different reports of Bigfoot sightings between Anderson, Woodford + Franklin counties.


A string of strange incidents sparks a new nickname — The Bluegrass Triangle | Photo Unusual Kentucky


The Bluegrass Triangle | From what we hear, the 1970s were a wild time — but not as wild as this series of UFO sightings in and around Lexington.

  • Firemen chased a red UFO through Richmond.
  • The Irvine police chief + a journalist, both respected community members, confirmed sightings of flying saucers.
  • Theory: Could this Abandoned Army Depot be the root of Kentucky’s UFO troubles?
  • Proof: Kentucky for Kentucky has the facts.


Distillery District Disturbances | It’s no secret that there’s more than one drink’s worth of history in this popular nightlife area of town. But are Lexingtonians the only ones who frequent this part of town after dark?

  • Synopsis: A local artist experiences unexplained activity, leading him to dive deeper into the history of the Distillery District — uncovering a few ghostly tales in his research.
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