Rooted in Connection: The Tree of Love

Kindness, pass it on.

Juliana Hauser standing in front of The Tree of Love.

Dr. Juliana Hauser standing in front of The Tree of Love. | Photo by LEXtoday

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Hey, y’all — City Editor Molly here.

I don’t know about you, but things have felt a bit heavy in the world lately. So when Reader Victoria C. wrote in to tell us about “The Tree of Love” on Cochran Road, I knew it was the bright light and story we needed to share.

We have Dr. Juliana Hauser to thank for the creation of this public piece of hope. Dr. Hauser has many titles — mother, educator, founder — but her credentials as a licensed marriage and family therapist + professional counselor have helped her (and her clients) work on finding the good.

“That’s the beauty of being a therapist — I get to see people, and obviously, we do a lot of work in the hard places, but we also put a lot of effort towards the good,” she said.

A few colorful notes pinned to the Tree of Love in Lexington, KY.

Take a note, leave a note, whatever you need in the moment. | Photos by LEXtoday

And that’s exactly what she’s done by starting Lexington’s first Tree of Love. (The OG Tree of Love was started during the COVID-19 lockdown in L.A. by Dr. Hauser’s friend and fellow coach, Meryl Russo).

“I want this to be a place where people can feel loved and can be reminded of that,” said Dr. Hauser. The tree, which sits directly in front of her house, is adorned with colorful strings, beads, ribbons, hand-written notes, and painted rocks. She and her women’s group did the initial decorating but have seen new additions from community members.

“It’s been really fun. I love it when I see someone stopping and reading the notes. That makes me really happy,” she said.

How to participate

  • Find the Tree of Love at 435 Cochran Rd.
  • Walk around to see the love shared by others
  • Take a note of hope
  • Leave your own message for someone else
  • Take a painted rock
  • Post your picture and tag @drjulianahauser
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