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Lexington tourism rakes in $1.6 billion for 2023

The Kentucky Department of Tourism recognized Lexington for a record-breaking year last year.

Old court house in downtown lexington with big blue LEX sign out front

The original Lexington courthouse now serves as an event space, visitors center, and is home to Zim’s + the Thirsty Fox. | Photo courtesy of VisitLEX

We know how great of tourist destination Lexington is — and now we’ve got the numbers to prove it.

Last week, a report from the Kentucky Department of Tourism found that the 2023 economic impact of travel + tourism in Fayette County was $1.6 billion, a new record. Of that impact, over $126 million was generate in state and local tax revenue — which translates to:

  • A 9.3% increase from 2022
  • 12% of the state’s overall economic impact of $13.8 billion
  • ~11,560 employees added to the industry

So, where did all this money go toward? According to the data, Kentucky visitors primarily spent money on:

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