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Need a helping hand, Lexington?

The improved UK HealthCare Hand Center is a one-stop shop for hand care.

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the lobby at uk healthcare's hand center

Their experts can address any hand, wrist, or forearm condition — caused by traumatic, inflammatory, or congenital issues — in patients of all ages.

Photo provided by UK HealthCare

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Have a nagging pain in your wrist from being on your phone or laptop? Look no further than UK HealthCare’s Hand Center for help. The expanded location at UK HealthCare - Turfland was designed to better meet the needs of their patients.

Game-changing improvements
The 5,000-sqft center features:

  • On-site diagnostic testing
  • Guided imaging injections
  • The latest in supportive orthopaedic devices
  • Specially trained hand therapists

A touch of convenience
UK HealthCare designed the Hand Center with many added conveniences for patients, including free, on-site parking, imaging, a lab, and a pharmacy. If patients need surgery, it can be performed right next door at the Lexington Surgery Center. If you’re experiencing one of these common conditions, the experts at the Hand Center can help you out.

What’s unique about treatment at the UK HealthCare Hand Center?
Their comprehensive team is made up of highly trained and specialized surgeons, advanced practice providers, nurses, and therapists with expertise in hand and upper extremity surgery, including orthopaedic + plastic surgeons who work closely together.

Bonus: They host specialty conferences to collaborate + discuss challenging cases — both of which ensure optimal patient care and surgical outcomes.

UK HealthCare Hand Center surgeons are active in cutting-edge research, and many have additional expertise in minimally invasive surgical options, and can offer treatments uniquely tailored to your anatomy and injury. They are here to help you get answers and solutions, from everyday wear and tear to acute injuries.

hand using tech_uk healthcare_lex

Don’t let a small ache turn into a large issue.

Photo provided by UK HealthCare

Whether your injury is the result of trauma, overuse, or playing sports or an instrument, patients of all ages can be seen by a team of specialty-trained hand surgeons and hand therapists. It’s truly a one-stop shop for hand care.

Success stories
Here’s how they’ve helped some Lexingtonians regain the use of their hands:

Learn more about the Hand Center or make an appointment online.

Get a helping hand.


What is not a real hand or wrist condition? Make a guess.

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