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Why choosing the right cancer center matters

The UK Markey Cancer Center’s access to state-of-the-art technology, highly-trained specialists, and innovative treatments provides Kentuckians with extraordinary cancer care.

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Extraordinary cancer care is available right here in Lexington.

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Not all cancer centers are the same. Some cancer centers offer more specializations, expertise, and available resources for patients, families, and the community.

We recently shared that the UK Markey Cancer Center was recently awarded NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center status, the highest possible accolade from the National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Why is this designation so important?
Today, Markey is Kentucky’s only NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center — and just 1 of only 56 in the nation. The comprehensive designation offers tangible benefits to Markey and its patients, including:

  • More funding opportunities from the NCI for research, training, and outreach
  • A powerful recruiting tool for the most accomplished physicians and scientists, whose expertise will bolster Kentucky and its people
  • More opportunities to collaborate with national + international partners on studies ranging from basic laboratory research to clinical assessments of new treatments
  • More advanced clinical trials are available to its patients (read: the latest and best medicine available as close to home as possible)
  • Improved patient outcomes from research-driven care

Since achieving its initial NCI designation in 2013, Markey has recruited 100+ new cancer researchers, doubled its external funding to Markey researchers, and been able to care for many, many more patients. Today, 250+ faculty from 11 of UK’s 16 colleges are actively working on cutting-edge cancer research in the lab, the clinic, and the community.
“Comprehensive status is an investment of faith from the NCI in our work to eradicate cancer in Kentucky,” said Eric Monday, co-executive vice president for health affairs.

Learn more about the difference Markey’s NCI Comprehensive status makes when it comes to your cancer treatment. More info.

Fact or Fiction: Cancer patients who seek care at NCI Comprehensive Cancer Centers have higher survival rates. Make a guess.

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