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4 things to love about Shady Rays’s Tangle Free Aviators

The future of sunglasses is so bright we need — well, sunglasses.

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a pair of sunglasses with pink lenses laying in a field of yellow flowers

Every pair of Shady Rays’s sunglasses has polarized lenses.

Photo by Shady Rays’s

Picture this: It’s the first hot day of the summer, and you just got to the pool. You push your aviators on top of your head to check out the scene. Before you know it, your hair is tangled up in your sunglasses, and you can’t get them out without a good yank. Ouch.

We’ve all been there. Sunglasses and tangled hair is a tale as old as time, but with Shady Rays Tangle Free Aviators, it doesn’t have to be — they’re reinventing sunglasses with their stylish, unique design.

Here are four things to love:

  1. A patent-pending design that prevents hair of all types from snags
  2. Timeless, stylish options
  3. Lightweight, yet durable frames
  4. Lost and Broken protection with every pair (read: if you lose or break your shades, you’re eligible for a replacement — details here)

Ready to grab your first pair? Code 6AM30 gets you 30% off all shades online or in-store (in the Summit at Fritz Farm), plus an extra 10% off in-store only if you mention this article. 🕶️ *

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