Ada Limón named 24th US Poet Laureate

Ada Limón | Photo by Library of Congress

Ada Limón | Photo by Library of Congress

Shawn Miller/Shawn Miller

On Tues., July 12, it was announced that Ada Limóna local writer + award-winning poet — was named the 24th US Poet Laureate, considered to be one of the nation’s most prestigious and high-profile literary positions in the country. This title makes Ada the official poet of the US.


Ada grew up in Sonoma, CA, earned an MFA from the Creative Writing Program at New York University + moved to Lexington 11 years ago to be with her now-husband, a racing journalist.

Throughout her ~20-year career, she has published six books + her poetry collection, titled “Bright Dead Things,” has sold 40,000+ copies. Her poems are inspired by the natural world, written in an approachable + accessible language.

Fun fact: Ada’s poem titled “Give Me This” recounts scenes from her Bluegrass horse farm here in Lexington.

The US Poet Laureate

Ada’s new role is a year-long term + she will officially begin on Thurs., Sept. 29. During this time, she will work remotely from Lexington while seeking to raise a greater appreciation for the reading and writing of poetry. US poet laureates are appointed by the Librarian of Congress and receive a $35,000 stipend.


Look for Ada’s books to be on sale at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 161 Lexington Green Cir., Ste. B.


In addition to her published works, Ada is also the host of a critically-acclaimed poetry podcast called “The Slowdown.”

As Ada continues to grow into this new position, she hopes to bring poetry to the community — giving public readings at parks + other settings. We’ll keep you updated on any public reading events we hear about.

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