Ways to stay warm when the temperatures drop in Lexington

Resist the urge to hibernate this winter by checking out these warm and cozy ways to explore Lexington.

A group of yoga students practicing a reverse warrior pose.

Sweat it out with Creative Yoga’s variety of heated classes. | Photo by Rollins Studio

MR MATHEWS/Rollins Studio

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When the temperatures dip, sometimes it’s hard to beat the coziness of your home. We’re here to help you stave off hibernation by exploring Lexington — warmly.

💧 Break a sweat

  • Turn up the heat by getting your heart pumping and body moving. Check out a hot yoga class or try something new like aerial silks + bungee fitness.
  • If you’d rather feel your body thaw out, Lexington is home to numerous infrared saunas, like the locally-owned Revive Sauna Studio. Bonus: Becoming a YMCA member, gives you access saunas and steam rooms.

☕ Nourish your body + mind

Got an idea for us? Let us know, and we’ll keep the list growing.

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