Commuter Rail survey results

Spencer Stelzer-Weise sharing a presentation

Spencer presented his idea to a group of supportive community members + City Councilmember David Sevigny last month. | Photo courtesy of Spencer Stelzer-Weise

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Last month, we shared Spencer Stelzer-Weise’s hope of bringing a commuter rail system to Lexington. We also asked your thoughts on the idea with this survey. So, today we’re sharing some of the results from the 420 of you that responded.

P.S. Thanks to our readers for taking the time to provide input.

Would you ever ride a commuter rail?

  • Yes: 372 responses, 88.57%
  • Maybe: 29 responses, 6.9%
  • No: 19 responses, 4.52%

Where would you love to see a commuter rail take you?

While numerous other cities were mentioned, including Winchester, Nicholasville, Danville, and Harrodsburg, these were the top five:

  • Cincinnati: 362
  • Louisville: 275
  • Downtown Lexington: 63
  • Georgetown: 63
  • Frankfort: 50

For the 372 of you in support of the idea, consider heading to the Central Library this Sunday, Sept. 17 at 2 p.m. to share your thoughts at the Lexington Commuter Rails’ Supporter Meeting.

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